Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man of the match statistics of IPL 2009

I just sorted out the Man of the match details for this IPL 2009 games (excluding tomorrows final).

"YK Pathan" of Rajasthan Royal topped the list with 3 Man of the match awards.

The details below:

3 YK Pathan (Rajasthan Royals)
2 Yuvraj Singh (Kings XI Punjab)
2 SR Tendulkar (Mumbai Indians)
2 RG Sharma (Deccan Chargers)
2 ML Hayden (Chennai Super Kings)
2 MK Pandey (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
2 M Muralitharan (Chennai Super Kings)
2 LRPL Taylor (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
2 KC Sangakkara (Kings XI Punjab)
2 JP Duminy (Mumbai Indians)
2 JH Kallis (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
2 DPMD Jayawardene (Kings XI Punjab)
2 AC Gilchrist (Deccan Chargers)
2 AB de Villiers (Delhi Daredevils)
1 V Sehwag (Delhi Daredevils)
1 TM Dilshan (Delhi Daredevils)
1 SK Warne (Rajasthan Royals)
1 SK Raina (Chennai Super Kings)
1 SB Jakati (Chennai Super Kings)
1 S Badrinath (Chennai Super Kings)
1 RS Bopara (Kings XI Punjab)
1 RP Singh (Deccan Chargers)
1 R Dravid (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
1 R Bhatia (Delhi Daredevils)
1 PP Ojha (Deccan Chargers)
1 MV Boucher (Royal Challengers Bangalore)
1 MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings)
1 LR Shukla (Kolkata Knight Riders)
1 Harbhajan Singh (Mumbai Indians)
1 HH Gibbs (Deccan Chargers)
1 GC Smith (Rajasthan Royals)
1 G Gambhir (Delhi Daredevils)
1 DR Smith (Deccan Chargers)
1 DP Nannes (Delhi Daredevils)
1 DL Vettori (Delhi Daredevils)
1 CH Gayle (Kolkata Knight Riders)
1 BJ Hodge (Kolkata Knight Riders)
1 B Lee (Kings XI Punjab)
1 A Singh (Rajasthan Royals)
1 A Nehra (Delhi Daredevils)
1 A Mishra (Delhi Daredevils)

For all the results of IPL 2009 with scoreborad and full details, cricinfo url

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